1st Annual Halloween Party = Success!

It’s no secret that my husband and I LOVE Halloween! Christmas? Nah. Thanksgiving? Too sad since our Big Girl passed away on the very day last year.

Halloween is where it’s at, Zombrids!

Since we have moved back home, we vowed that from this year on we would celebrate and throw the biggest Halloween bash of the year. And for our 1st party, I decided to pay homage to our beloved Gracie with a Halloween Zombie party.

It started out with the food…

Aviary Photo_130903956082693977 The popcorn hands, ghost cupcakes, cheese broomsticks, and Band-Aid graham crackers were a hit!

And what good is a Halloween party without outdoor horror movie-watching???

Outdoor Movies

Please excuse the silhouette of two party goers reenacting a murder scene. You can’t expect grown adults to sit still and watch movies all night, can you?

By the way, the movie playing at that moment was Scream.

Moving on through the night, we had our Best Zombie Costume winner…

Aviary Photo_130903962677812508That trophy was made by my lovely and talented sister! Honestly, they look like they could be twins!

Although, if the hubby and I weren’t hosting the party, we might have won that bad boy!

Aviary Photo_130903966364400258

Who dies like that???

The night was filled with laughs, scares, and good ole’ fashioned fun! We can’t wait to celebrate Halloween next year!

Aviary Photo_130903967803871147Aviary Photo_130903969993615275

Aviary Photo_130903970575012385

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