A Little Something From the Turning Grace Sequel!

I had recently taken a short break from working on the Turning Grace sequel (I don’t have a name yet 🙁 ) Although I didn’t want to, sometimes certain things in life require ALL of your attention.

But now I’m back to telling Gracie’s story, and I can’t wait for you all to read it!

SPOILERS FROM THE FIRST NOVEL———— If you haven’t read the book, maybe you should!



A lot happens in the first story. Grace is trying to live a normal teenage life, but notices subtle physical changes occurring on a daily basis. She gets lethargic and faint if she hasn’t eaten. She’s been having vivid, morbid dreams. She gets grumpy as hell you try to take food away from her. And this is all happening while she is trying to keep her bestie in check about falling in love too quickly, along with unsuccessfully dodging the mean, popular girl in school…which just so happens to be the girlfriend of the guy who isn’t afraid of showing Gracie that he likes her more.

And when Grace decides to chomp down on the neighbors cat, well that’s when things started going downhill. Someone gets bitten…there is kissing, and dancing, and fighting, and dying, secrets revealed…Grace learns that her life is literally a horror movie.

But the horror movie is far from over when she decides to leave that world behind her to travel with Dr. Roberson, her mom’s doctor-friend who always seems creepily eager every time he’s near Gracie.

The sequel begins with Grace on a boat headed to the infamous island near Costa Rica mentioned in the first novel. Dr. Roberson apparently owns a facility on the island that houses other people who have her “condition”.  She contemplates what happened the night before she left while on the nearly 4-day journey there; the horrible thing she did that would have surely landed her in jail or in a mental ward under different circumstances. And of course, she finds herself regretting making the decision to tell Tristen to “get over her”.

But once she reaches Dr. Roberson’s resort-like compound, what happened back home becomes a distant memory as she embarks on a whole new life.

In the continuation of Grace’s journey, we are going to meet an array of new characters that share some similar interests. The beautiful island seems like a sanctuary for people like her; a place where one can live to be who they are. But there are secrets that lie within, and Dr. Roberson may have another agenda besides offering support and treatment to his subjects.

Some familiar faces will find their way back into Grace’s life, which could either be a good thing or only add more stress and anxiety to an environment that already feels…off.

As for the romance department, well, you know you only seem interesting when are not available.

So…..are you guys excited for the next novel yet?????

About the title, I didn’t come up with the Turning Grace title until I was almost completely finished writing it. I have some ideas bouncing around, but as soon as I decide on one for sure I will reveal it.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read Turning Grace yet, you better get to it!

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