A Shining 5🌟 Review For Escaping Grace!


I released Escaping Grace not too long ago, and I have been wondering when the reviews would start rolling in.

Today, that lovely little website Boundless Book Reviews left a nice 5 star review for the sequel to Turning Grace!

That gives the novel 2 reviews to date, and hopefully more to come!

“Davis has a talent, the way she weaves the story together. It’s an excellent series. I almost hope there will be a third. I wanna know what happens!!”

Awe! Now that was nice!

But will there be a third??? I guess you Zombrid fans will have to stay tuned!

Check out the rest of the review on the Boundless website and be sure to browse for more books and their reviews!

If you have read Turning Grace or Escaping Grace, feel free to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or where ever your little heart desires. And I won’t be mad if it’s not 5 stars, I promise.

…Okay, 4 stars is the lowest I’ll go 😉

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