A Thanksgiving Mourning…

I was going to post a Throwback Thursday Thanksgiving Movie Flick Pick…

Instead, I am writing with a heavy heart tonight.

I don’t want to talk about movies or food or Thanksgiving.

I want to talk about our big girl Cassie, who passed away this afternoon suddenly from unknown causes.

Cassie 3

I had a few dogs growing up; three in particular that stick out the most in my mind. One of those three dogs is still alive. I believe he is 13 or 14 years old. They were all amazing pooches, but what they had in common was that they were family dogs. We considered those dogs our brothers and sisters, with each of us having a part in their little lives.

When I started dating my husband, he’d already had Cassie for about 3 years. So, really I became the stepmother. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to be more than that.

From the get go, she welcomed me with open paws…and a long tongue. I had never been around Pit Bulls really. You hear the horror stories of how Pits have bad attitudes and tendencies to “turn”.

But not Cassie. She was definitely a lover and not a fighter. She licked every single person in the face that we welcomed as guests into our home, and in return…every single person adored her.

She was happy and energetic throughout her 9 years, even acting as a mother to our middle “child” Lucy (Min Pin) when we got her as a puppy. Yes, she actually lactated!

When we rescued our third daughter, Bella, there was a little tension, but only because Bella was being a 5 pound scared Chiweenie. Her little brain may have thought Cassie was going to swallow her whole. And even then, she allowed Bella to snip at her all she wanted without a single flinch.

Through the years, these three girls completed our tiny little family. Sure we played with them and taught them tricks and how to be good girls…but it would never amount to what they have taught us.

How to love, how to forgive, and how to be happy.

Cassie was the eldest, and the most wise. She made me feel safe when my husband was away, she watched over us all when he was home.  She once chased away burglars that were attempting to steal all of our pool equipment in the middle of the night!

She was our big girl, a best friend, an extremely loving dog, and a member of our family. She went by many nicknames in her much too short life: Cassanova, Casserole, Sassy, Big Head, Big’n, and more. But no matter what you called, she was there with that “bully smile” and a lot of love.

So the moral of the story is…dogs are our friends, our family, our loved ones. Take care of them and show them you love them, because that is all they ever want and need from you.

She leaves a big hole in our hearts.  Rest in peace Big girl, we love you.

My Cassie 2

My cassie

me and  the biggie

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