A Veterans Day Salute!

military zombie

It’s Veterans Day everyone! And I would like to thank all of the people who serve or have served in the U.S. armed forces for making the decision to protect our country.

I joined the military family when I married my husband 6 years ago. He devoted his life to the Marine Corps 19 years ago, a decision he made straight out of high school. And I have to say that as his wife, there is nothing more honorable than being the woman of a Master Sergeant! I am referred to as “Mrs. Davis” when I visit him at work, which you would think could me feel like I’m older than I am…but it’s actually quite flattering.

The beginning of our marriage was tough. We found out months before our wedding day that he was to be deployed shortly after. It was the first time I would experience him going away, his second tour altogether. Thankfully, he wasn’t being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. Instead the tour was called a MEU, and he was leaving on a ship to travel the world for a year to provide humanitarian work. Although I felt like he was a bit safer, it was still very tough to endure. Not being able to speak to him when I wanted was frustrating at times, but fortunately I had family and friends to help support us during our time apart.

Since that deployment, he hasn’t had to leave again….thankfully. But being part of the Marine Corps family has been a wonderful experience. It’s fascinating to watch Matt’s fellow Marines carry themselves, with such discipline and devotion to what they do.

And this is just the Marine Corps. I am sure other branches of the service are just the same.

So here’s to all of our military vets! Past and present. They are truly great people!

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