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Hello my long, lost Turning Grace fans!

First and foremost, let me apologize. It has been quite a while since I have posted anything! I feel bad, for not giving you all updates and for not writing in general. Honestly, it feels really great to have my fingers moving across the keyboard as I type this.

As most of you know, I have been going through lots of changes. My husband and I finally got stationed back to my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. We bought a house, left California, and got back to where he and I first began.

Just like when we moved to California, this trip back home has been quite a journey. Granted, I am from here…born and raised. However, there has been so many changes to the city since I left 6 years ago; all great changes. And not only that, we have had lots on our plate with getting our new home in order.

The house we purchased, which was done by recruiting my family for help and Skype (scary, I know!), is truly our dream home. It’s exactly what we wanted. But the wonderful family that lived in it before us were older…and just a little bit outdated. This house was by all means move-in ready, but not for me. My creative mind and individuality was spilling out of my brain when I finally got to see our home in person. Ideas for all the things I wanted to change were bursting out of me.

So with the help of Pinterest, HGTV, and the DIY channel, the hubby and I began our reno work. Well, it wasn’t so much as bringing down walls as it was just transitioning the decor into our decade. Light fixtures, hardware, floors, and paint were all of the major changes that needed to done. And if you are wondering what my style is like, it’s a mixture of rustic, traditional, modern, and the new trend that’s out there right now, shabby chic. It’s just all about putting a little bit of this and that here and there.

Now, here is where the complaining comes in…

As of right now, we are sleeping on our mattress on the floor in the living room. It’s a two-story house and while the downstairs floors were newly put in by the previous owners and gorgeous wood, the upstairs is wall-to-wall carpet! Of course, I had to pick flooring to replace it that needed to be ordered (2 weeks before we could even get it), then has to acclimate to the weather (another 2 weeks weeks) before it could be laid down. So that left us with rooms downstairs full of furniture and boxes that could not be placed upstairs yet.

Fortunately, we were able to do the kitchen, which called for all new appliances and paint. Therefore, we do have a functioning space.

But here is where I REALLY get to complain.

Before we moved to California I told my husband, “I am not painting a thing! I hate painting, and we are going to hire people to paint.”

Haha!!! I laugh at that comment now. Matt, my hubby, does not paint. At all. So guess who took the job?!?!

I have painted every room upstairs so far, with my dad who is a professional painter helping here and there on the weekends. I HATE it, however, it has been quite rewarding. Number one, I have gained some great memories with my dad. And number two, the colors we chose are truly beautiful and perfect for our new home.

We only have 3 rooms left to paint, but we cannot tackle them until our floors are done and we can move everything upstairs. It’s been a waiting game.

Although it’s been challenging and stressful, being home with family and friends just around the corner, owning the house of our dreams, and being together trumps all the times I feel like I want to choke someone.

As for my writing endeavors…I am itching so badly to get back to it. I think it’s safe to say now that there will be a third book added to The Turning series (not sure if that’s what I’ll call it but it sounds pretty spiffy). I started a few pages right before the move because I just couldn’t help myself, but sadly it came to a halt once I got here.

I have big plans for my workspace (writer’s den), and I just can’t wait to get it done!

Until then, I will keep you Zombrids posted on the house. Annnnnddddd, Turning Tuesdays and Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Picks will start back up next week!

Thank you so much for being awesome and for checking out my blog! You guys are awesome!

Here is the before and after of the kitchen!





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    • Jo Post author

      Thank you! It’s a very subtle change. The previous owners were truly lovely people, but as I said they were older. All of the hardware and fixtures were gold! Love 80’s music…but certainly not the style!
      And yes! Book 3 is underway! I wish I could give it all of my attention right now, but I’ve been been brainstorming and I really think you will enjoy the direction it’s gonna take. Or at least I hope so!