Throwback Zombie Films

Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

Happy Throwback Thursday!

I’ve been so busy with writing lately, but last night I was finally able to watch a zombie flick!

I’m not completely sure if one would consider this is zombie movie, though. It’s got a witch, spells, stones…and hot cheerleaders that die and come back to life. I’d say we’ve got some zombies, right?

Except, they drink blood to stay alive. Sooooooo….zombie vampires?

If you’ve seen this movie, what are your thoughts? Zombies or no?

P.S. It’s available on Netflix!

All Cheerleaders Die


Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

When I was searching for a photo of this movie on Google images, there were a million movies with its same name. But I can promise you that the content of this flick is one-of-kind.

This week’s Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick is…


This 2014 Australian horror film is about a few people trying to survive a post apocalyptic world. I honestly don’t know how to describe this zombie film. As far as independent movies go, I will say that it was done well.

But it was lacking one thing…zombies!

I needed more 🙁  Waaaaaaayyyyy more.

I will say, however, that the lead actress, Tegan Crowley, was really great! Very believable.

Anyway, you can totally be the judge if you wanted because it’s available on Netflix!

Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick with a Special Guest Post!

Today’s Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick is brought to you by my lovely and beautiful sister, Ariana.

Life After Beth

I haven’t seen this movie yet (it’s on my endless list of zombie films to watch, aka homework), but here is Ariana’s review:


Zach’s life is turned upside down when his girlfriend, Beth, dies suddenly from a snakebite while hiking in the woods. After visiting Beth’s parents house, Zach notices Beth in a window of the house. He is shocked to learn that Beth has somehow come back to life. Zach and Beth continue their relationship and it is better than ever, but Zach starts to realize that Beth has changed. Beth starts to have weird cravings, unusual sleeping habits, and violent outbursts which can only be calmed down by smooth jazz. Beth is not the only one acting strange, other people in town are suddenly coming back to life. Beth’s condition is beginning to worsen, becoming more and more zombie-like which causes her to eat her dad. Zach is left with no choice but to kill Beth for the second time. Zach takes Beth for a hike in the woods, tells her that he loves her, and shoots her in the head and she falls off the side of a cliff.

I enjoyed this movie a lot, especially because of Aubrey Plaza. It isn’t your typical gory, predictable zombie flick. It’s laced with comedy and weird dark humor, which makes it a perfect Friday night must watch.