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Christmas and Therapy and Vampires

Merry Christmas, folks! I hope you all had a very special holiday. It’s hard to believe it’s even Christmas time around here, what with the 70 degree weather and all. Well, it isn’t consistent. One day it’s as warm as a spring day. The next it’s freezing with a damp chill that finds its way through your clothes and right into your bones. It seems mother nature is bipolar in these parts, and I refuse to watch the forecast on the news because I’m truly convinced that meteorologists have no idea what they are talking about.

Speaking of bipolar…I am not. But, I did start therapy this past month. I’ve gone to therapy before, back when I lived in California and my anxiety got so bad that I developed a touch of agoraphobia. It wasn’t that I was afraid to go outside. I was afraid to leave what I had made my safe zone. My home. The place where I knew nothing bad could happen to me. The place where I knew I had control over things.

There are reasons for my anxiety. Lots of reasons. But this time it mostly has to do with my trauma from the hospitalization last year. To be honest, I have no idea if talking to a stranger is going to help me, but I have to at least try. Actually, so far, it has just made me cry a whole lot…which could be exactly what I need. Who knows? Moral of the story, if you are considering therapy, try it out. Because why not?

In book-related news, my new adult fantasy novel is currently in the hands of my editor. I’ll have to admit, I’ve been extremely nervous about receiving her feedback. This is the first time in over 5 years that someone is reading a story not related to the Turning series.

I love this book. It’s dark and edgy and gritty. It’s kind of real, in terms of not having to hold back because of who my audience is. While writing young adult, I had to be careful with profanity and sexual situations. With SoulCatcher, I was able to open up, which, if you truly knew me, you would know that I can have quite the dirty mouth.

I’m scheduled to begin working with my cover designer within the next couple of weeks. I’ve also commissioned my tattoo artist to create extra special, one-of-a-kind artwork that will be incorporated into the book! I’m totally stoked about that part.

And while my next book is getting ready for publishing, I have started writing a new novel. I’ve had this idea for a story about vampires for a while now and I’m excited to get it down on paper. I’ll be sharing some novel aesthetics and more details once I’ve got a clear idea of exactly where I’m going with it be because at this point, I’m really not all that sure.

In the meantime, be sure to keep a lookout for updates on SoulCatcher, the story about a girl who works for the devil. Also, if you haven’t read the Turning series, click here to download now!



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