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Hello all,

Go ahead and click around my site. You can learn a little about me (I’m pretty interesting) in the About section.

Read a synopsis of my novel in the Book section and click on the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or BAM! button to quickly connect and purchase a copy of my lovely book, “Turning Grace”.

And check out what Turning Tuesdays and Throwback Zombie Films are all about.

Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to follow what I have to say. I mean, I’m not all that important or anything. I don’t have my name plastered all over the windows of major book retailers, but I just might one day and then you can say “Hey, I knew that chick when she was just starting out and had a dingy website”.

We all have to start out somewhere, right?

Besides…I am quite happy with my little site 🙂

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