Day 24 of #AuthorLifeMonth: Bucket List Item Done!

One of my bucket list items was to move away. In 2008, my Marine Corps boyfriend received word that he was stationing in California. So, I moved away with him. I was scared out of my mind, but I don’t regret one bit of it!
Once I left New Orleans, tons of items were crossed off my bucket list: Visit the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hollywood, get married, buy a house, graduate college, write a book…
That leap of faith started a domino effect full of first times and amazing memories, including marrying the love of my life.
And after 7 years, we just recently moved back home to NOLA.
Moral of the story?
Leap. Sure whatever you’re leaping toward might be frightening and it might not end well, but at least you can say you did it.


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