Day 9 of #AuthorLifeMonth: Challenge Overcome

This is actually a challenge that I struggle with overcoming on a daily basis. I’m self-published, which means I don’t have an agent or anything. Throughout my journey of publishing my own books, I have had to deal with the realities of basically running my own business. I’ve had to manage all of my own book and social accounts, promote myself anywhere I possibly could, and continue to write.
Then there have come the days when I haven’t sold one book. I start to question what I’m doing wrong, my writing, and start to worry that my books won’t be read.
I do feel discouraged more often than I should, but I try to remind myself the reason why I even write.
I love writing. I love creating. I love being an artist and just because I’m not a bestselling author, doesn’t mean that what I write isn’t worth reading. I will continue to do what makes me happiest.
I want to share my books with the world, of course. And maybe one day it will reach millions of people. But for right now, I tell myself that all of this hard work will be worth it one day.

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