Dying Light Review!

dying light


A  couple of months ago, I had the desire to slay some zombies so I began my search through the Xbox One store. The last game I bought relating to zombies was Deadrising 3, which is pretty great (review soon to come).

I came across a first person survival horror game called Dying Light. Upon reading the description, I learned that it was developed by Techland, which is the same developer of Dead Island.


Would it be okay for me to say that it is better than Dead Island? This game features the same open-world concept, however, it might even be a bigger world. It doesn’t venture far from DI, with all the same types of controls and visual effects (press X to pick up things, eat snacks for health, use of weapons, etc.) but there is certainly one element added that was genius: parkour.

Your character has the ability to climb up buildings, gracefully hop over barriers, and fall into piles of garbage from high heights without damage. No matter how tall, there is virtually no structure you can’t reach, which is extremely beneficial when trying to bypass those pesky zombies.

As for the undead, they are the same slow-walking biters as DI. The Specials, which include the gigantic Demolisher and the sledgehammer-wielding Goon are pretty difficult to kill at first. But once you progress through the game and apply skill points to your agility, survivor, and power trees, along with the progression of your weapons that include upgrades and modifications, you will be able to kill them with a few swings of a sword.

demolisher Well, unless you venture out after dark. This game isn’t called Dying Light for nothing, folks. The Volatiles are no joke and could quite possibly scare you to the point of turning off the game for a bit to gather yourself before playing again (it might have happened to me once or twice). The pro to nighttime? Your XP doubles. Thankfully you can sleep the dark away at any safehouse, but unfortunately there will be a mission or two that forces you into the night.

For those of you who enjoy an interesting storyline: this one is pretty entertaining. You’re basically a guy working for the wrong side of the team until you begin helping the people of Harran, the city where the virus has spread. And this isn’t a quick, easy game to finish. The main story takes you through two rather large maps to explore, along with plenty of side missions. I was actually really surprised at how many!

There is so much more about this game you all would truly enjoy, but I won’t spoil anymore of it. It’s the perfect game to hold you over before the Dead Island 2 release next year.

Have you played Dying Light yet? What are your thoughts?

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