Escape Dead Island Review

Okay, Video Gamers.

For those of you who love Dead Island like I do, then you should be aware that a type of spin-off has been released for our gaming pleasure. If you haven’t been able to purchase a copy, I have the deets that could make or break your decision.

We all know that Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide were fun as hell, zombie killing, first person POV shooter, free roam games. The storylines were not half-bad and it was just an all around descent good time. We were able to jump, kick, and carry a variety of weapons, as well as modify them. We could see our health perfectly on our screens to make sure we knew how close to death we were, and we had a trusty, very helpful little map at the bottom corner to guide us through exploring the many different places to go.

Overall, these games are games I would play over and over again, even though I have already beat them a million times before. It’s a great way to kill time, or in my case, an excellent way to clear my mind when I need a break from writing.

So what about Escape Dead Island? Well……………………………………………………………………..

Let’s me start out with the positives. The storyline is okay. It definitely keeps you interested. The visualization was nice. It was made to look like a comic book, with vibrant colors and onomatopoeia (words that describe sounds). There was a touch of the original Dead Islands in there. You still have a stamina bar and can carry a few weapons at a time, but just a few. Like 2 or 3.

And well, that’s really it. Now let me start my complaining.

You cannot see your health or your map on the screen. You have free roam, but the island isn’t very big at all, with only a few places to visit. It’s very linear and does not give you any opportunities to do side missions or quests. You do the story, that’s it. You cannot jump. You do have an option to dodge, however it takes practice to use it efficiently and effectively. The zombies do not die easily. Not that I want them to be able to die easily, but when you reach the special zombies, such as the Butcher, there may be moments when you want to throw your controller out the window. As for your character, he dies too easily. A couple of hits from those special zombies and you are done.

Throughout the game, you carry a camera and must take pictures of different items. The point is that you are trying to prove something off is going on. This reminds me of Dead Rising and is cool, but most of the time I forgot about it.

To sum up this review, I was not very happy. There were too many limitations and frustrations to make this one of the games I wouldn’t mind playing again and again. And if I’m spending money ($40.00 brand new), I better be able to actually enjoy playing it a few more times before I get tired of it. I’ve already made a decision to never touch it again.

But don’t worry, Dead Island 2 will be out in a few months! I have high hopes that it will be well worth the wait.

Here’s a trailer of Escape Dead Island.

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