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Finding Grace

Book #3 of The Turning Series

Did you think there wasn’t going to be a zombie apocalypse in this story?

Grace and her fellow Zombrids find themselves trying to clean up Dr. Walker’s mess. Across the country, thousands of people are turning, and the race to find a cure has begun. Grace is finally accepting who she is—embracing the insatiable need and ferocious hunger. But when she learns that the answer to salvation lies within her, there might not be enough time to save the Zombrid-kind.

Serena is just a waitress who, after years of struggling through life, has finally found her fairytale ending. But when it is all taken away from her by one single bite, Serena’s rage cannot be contained. With every swing of her precious machete, her humanity depletes. Now, Serena is fighting her way through the hordes of True Zombies in search of the man who started it all. That is, until she meets a certain teenage zombie hybrid.

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