First Turning Tuesday on Site

As some of you know, the Turning Grace Facebook page has started something called Turning Tuesdays. For those of you who don’t know, I will explain:

So, there are days like Throwback Thursday and Walker Wednesday. Well, I wanted to have a day dedicated to “turning”.

Get it? Turning Grace…Turning Tuesday…turning into a zombie?

On this glorious day, I would like to celebrate the act of “turning” into a zombie. Basically, I would like to showcase the awesomeness of special effects and the magic that professionals or amateurs do when they are trying to portray a real-life zombie (assuming they are or will be real).

Right now I have asked people to send in photos of themselves as a zombie or photos they find on the internet of other people who have badass zombie makeup to the Facebook page.

I will, however, figure out a way to have people send those pics directly to the website. Just give me some time, I’m a newbie!

But for now, here’s the Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day!

via Google images

via Google images



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