Found a Good Zombie Novel! Love & Decay Review!

I have finally finished the book I started weeks ago! I normally don’t take this long to finish a novel, especially one that I am into, but between working on my own novel and the passing of my girl Cassie I just didn’t have the time to.

So, I am kind of picky about the books I read. Thrillers, horrors, contemporary romances…those are the genres I tend to gravitate towards. My own book would fall under the category horror, young adult, sci fi.

I realized as I was searching for a new book to read that I have never read a zombie novel. I have seen a ton of zombie movies, but I have never read a book about zombies. It would be nice to check out my competition 🙂

And so my search in the Kindle Library began. I shelved a few for the future, but found one that struck my interest and seemed like it needed to be read right away.

Love & Decay Vol.#1 is a book written by Rachel Higginson. It is the first in a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about zombies. It follows Reagan, a typical high school girl who was forced to kill her boyfriend when the “outbreak” occurred. Two years later, she and her friend, Haley, are still on the run and just trying to survive on whatever they can find.

However, it isn’t much longer before they find other people, five siblings, who are trying to do the same thing they are doing: stay alive. And so their journey begins, and Reagan soon learns that the humanity and love she thought was lost in the world…is still there.

This book is pretty good! It has just the right amount of humor, blood, gore, thrills, and romance. What I really enjoyed were the climatic moments in the book. Rachel Higginson does a nice job of creating suspense and making her readers eager to know what happens next.

The great thing about this book is that it’s a part of a series and there are many “episodes” to follow up with. So if you have a chance, download it. It’s free right now!

love and decay vol 1

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Have you read any zombie novels? Any recommendations?

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