Haunted Houses and McKamey Manor…Would you go?

Halloween night is coming on quickly!

So back home, haunted house hopping was the usual thing teens and even adults did on Halloween night and the weeks prior. New Orleans is already known for it’s creepy, haunted stories. There is a whole lot of history, much of it consisting of people who believed in ghosts and voodoo and witchy activity. It only makes sense that the city provides Halloween-goers with a variety of places to get the pee scared out of them.

There is at least one haunted house in every Parish. And if you can’t find one, I’m pretty sure someone in your neighborhood has made their own out of their house or shed.

If you watch the Travel Channel, you might have seen a Halloween special about the most extreme haunted houses in America, including one in New Orleans called The House of Shock. I actually mentioned this place in my novel as one of Grace’s favorite scary places to go for Halloween.

I have been there a millions times myself, and each year it would just get scarier…and more on the edge. The owners do try to push the limits, pissing off religious groups and being threatened to get shut down every once and a while.

Why do I love haunted houses? It’s the smell of the fog machines and plastic masks. It’s the sounds of the spooky music and horrified screams. It’s the sight of frightened faces and gory costumes. It’s just…awesome!

I have been to quite a few haunted houses. Some were less scary than others, but still all the same: Entertaining.

Probably some of the best-preformed and nicely built haunted houses were the ones inside Universal Studios in California. Universal turns their parks into Halloween Horror Nights, offering quiet a few different types of haunted houses to visit. There was the house of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and a few more.

It was pretty entertaining, however, the most terrified I have ever felt in a haunted house was one that wasn’t even open and consisted of a few teenagers trying the scare the crap out of me and my friends. It’s a long story, but I seriously thought I may not have made it home that night.

Anyway, all of this haunted house talk is leading me to something that was brought to my attention about a week ago. A place that may be too extreme and too terrifying…even for me. A place called McKamey Manor in San Diego, California.

From what I have read, apparently you must APPLY in order to be considered and allowed to enter this haunted house. You must be in good physical health. And you must sign a CONTRACT.

Okay, so that criteria alone brings up a ton of red flags!

The whole experience lasts about 2 to 3 hours, and you are NOT ALLOWED to leave unless there is a medical emergency. Yes. You read that right. As much as you beg and plead and cry, they will not let you quit. And if that doesn’t suck enough, their are only two to three people allowed at a time inside the house. So you are pretty much alone.

Here is a video that I found showing just a little bit of what they put you through.

Oh, and if you can’t get there for Halloween, don’t worry. McKamey Manor is open on the weekends all year round.

So guys, what do you think? Would you…or could you put yourself through an extreme haunted house like this?

Also, if you have been to an awesome and really scary haunted house, share your experience! I would love to know where some really good ones are.

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