Have you seen this commercial?

Horror movies are great. For most of us horror fans, we like to be scared; it’s the reason why we watch horror movies. It’s exciting, it’s a rush, it’s a feeling of satisfaction when someone or something is able to truly scare us. Of course, there is an exception. There is a difference between a guy chasing you with a chainsaw in real life and watching it happen in a horror movie. In a real life situation, it wouldn’t be a satisfying experience. I would probably have a heart attack before he got to me! But when you watch a horror movie, it’s fun!

In my novel, Grace states that “they don’t make scary movies like they used to”. Maybe it’s because when we were younger, horror movies scared the bejesus out of us. We were children! And if your dad tried to scare you into going to bed like my dad did by popping  the latest Friday the 13th tape in the VCR, it would probably scare you for life (Jason is still the only horror character that makes me wanna run for the hills).  Or maybe it’s because now we’ve seen so many horror movies that it’s harder to get scared.

Whatever the case, if the horror movie is truly scary or not, there is ALWAYS a part that makes you want to climb into the TV and slap the victim around for making a stupid choice that is deserving of being killed.

When I saw this commercial, I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s exactly how many horror movies go.


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