Now that Escaping Grace is released and available to people around the world, I can finally talk a little about it!

In the first novel, we followed Grace’s normal little life through typical teenage issues. Well, she didn’t have many issues per se, just a crush on the hot junk and a spunky bestie who loves her like a sister. Oh, and let’s not forget the infamous Sonny Westwood and all your mean girl antics.

When she realizes that her growing hunger isn’t due to puberty or teenage hormones, she decides to open up a new chapter in her life and travel to a place where she can be herself and get what she needed. On this island paradise, she meets an array of characters that share the same needs she does: nice, cold chunks of raw boar.

These new characters each have their own post-island stories, all interesting and tragic in their own way. But not only do they share the same tastes as our beloved Gracie, they also share the same name:

Meet Destiny, Maddi, Ian, Estelle, and Charlie…The Zombrids!

Zombrids are zombie hybrids. Half human, half zombie. These special ones don’t look any different than a normal human, however their organs and bodies only work  halfway. They don’t function at full capacity, and cause a need that must be feed.

So my Turning Grace fans, if you all don’t mind, this is my official message!

I am coining the Zombrid name and would like to call you all the Turning Grace Zombrids!

I know, I know…it may seem kind of corny. But I love the idea! And I hope it grows on you!

Maybe it could even be a costume for this year’s Halloween!

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