I Promise I’ll be back!

Hey Guys!

Unfortunately, I have been neglecting my blog 🙁 But it isn’t because I want to! These past few weeks have been very busy for two reasons.

The first is the release of Escaping Grace. It’s crazy to think about the time it took me to write Escaping Grace compared to Turning Grace. I was too excited to take my time with this one. Grace’s story takes some interesting twists and turns and I just couldn’t wait for you all to read it. So, I worked on the book everyday for the past couple of months, putting in at least 2 hours a day. Not to mention, I learned quite a bit from the first time with publishing and how to stay organized with my writing. It’s amazing how practice makes perfect! Well, not perfect, just easier.

The second reason I have been very busy is because in about 2 months, the husband and I will be back in my hometown, New Orleans, for good. Our house here in California was finally put up for sale and we have had people stopping by to see it every day, which requires us to constantly be cleaning up around the house and the backyard and just making sure the house stays presentable. We’ve also been online house-hunting for our future home.

So, that’s it. I just wanted to let the people who read my blog know what the deal was and why I haven’t posted anything interesting recently. However, Turning Tuesdays and Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Picks will still be on.

I do have plans to share New Orleans with you all. As I have mentioned before, New Orleans is a hub for haunted stories and the supernatural and scary things. I have some ideas for visiting sites and reporting back. It should be fun!

In the meantime, I will be taking notes on some fun topics to talk about. Also, don’t forget that Escaping Grace will be released on March 7th!

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