iZombie Review! Did You Like The Show?

Hey, Zombrids!

Last week was the premier of iZombie on the CW. Now, of course I was all over it. I mean, a show about a zombie trying to live amongst the living? Sounded right up Turning Grace’s alley.

Let me jump right in…it was a bit heartbreaking. Not in a bad way, though. I’ll explain:

A woman wakes up dead because she unfortunately attended a party where a certain drug began turning people into zombies. So now, she’s a zombie.

It then jumps to a few months later and her appearance is completely different: her hair is stark white and she looks really tired. She also works as a medical examiner now. Zombrids…does that sound familiar?

Anyway, fast forwarding through the show, a Jane Doe comes to her ME table. She eats the brains and starts to have visions and begins to do these weird unusual things. A detective comes along, they work together to figure out who the murderer is by using her visions, they find out a rogue cop is the culprit, and she helps to take him down. During which time we find out that if she gets angry, her zombie-ism comes out of her at full swing and she has to fight the urge to eat him. She also reveals her colleague, the one person who knows she is a zombie, that if she does not get the brains she needs, she could turn full-on zombie.

Let’s point out the similarities to Turning Grace and Escaping Grace

  • She becomes a medical examiner to get zombie food = Grace’s mom becomes an ME to steal human flesh to feed Grace.
  • If she doesn’t get the food she needs, she becomes full-on zombie = Grace will lose normal brain function and only care about one thing if she doesn’t get enough flesh, turning her into a full-on zombie.
  • She turns into scary zombie if she gets angry = Grace’s hunger increases if she get angry.

I know that my ideas aren’t so original. There are tons of creative people out there in the world that probably have the same exact ideas I have regarding zombies. When I say that watching this show was heartbreaking, I say that because it’s hard to watch someone else out there bring your ideas to light to a million more people than you may ever be able to. This show is on television, on a well-known cable network, whereas my books are on Amazon and people have no idea who I am. Yet. I am trying to create something different and innovative in my genre. Obviously great minds think alike 😉 because the creators of the show are trying to do the same thing, however, they are able to get it out there before I could.

But don’t get it wrong people! The Turning Grace series was published before iZombie premiered!

Overall, the show was pretty good. It’s Turning Grace meets Warm Bodies meets CSI. I will continue to watch it because I do like the main character, actress Rose Mclver, and because I’m interested to see where they will take the whole living-as-a-zombie-in-the-real-world concept.

But I’ve got big plans brewing for my next novel, and iZombie is just motivating me to make it better.

A friend said to me the other day, “It occurs to me that this is only your second book and you are already having ideas that are good enough to be on a big TV show!”

…and that is a fantastic way to look at this whole thing! Hey, who knows Zombrids! Turning Grace can maybe skip television all together and move on up to the big screen!

In conclusion, if you missed the iZombie pilot, be sure to catch up. It’s definitely worth adding it to your DVR list every week.

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