The Turning Series Won Some Awards!

Turning Grace was chosen as the Medal Winner for the “E-Book Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror” category of the 2014 New Apple Book Award!

This is the first contest I have entered for Turning Grace. And, of course, in my sometimes-too-negative mind, I was thinking there was no way I’m gonna win.

My aspirations were low. I was totally going to be okay with being a finalist. Well, really it would have been okay if I didn’t win at all either. Of course, I would have been upset, but the fact that I decided to enter was actually a hard decision. I was afraid of losing and having to deal with the crushing blow and to be honest, I felt like my book just wasn’t good enough.

But New Apple doesn’t think so! I won the Medal for my category, which is really just…unbelievable!

Turning Grace was also featured for the first week of August on the Indie Book of the Day website, and is now permanently part of their ‘Winners’ database.

In February, I learned that the second book of the series, Escaping Grace, won the 2015 medal in the”E-Book Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror” category! Go, Grace!