Love Zombies and Video Games? New Game Coming Soon! Watch the Trailer!

Hey Gamers!

It’s no secret that I love video games. I have always been a gamer…since I was a kid and would beg my older brother to please let me play Nintendo with him because “Zelda” was so graphic and amazing. Man, we have really come a long way, huh? I actually still play “Zelda: A Link to the Past”.

I became obsessed when I got into Xbox and discovered zombie games. First-person shooter games were hard for me to get used to at first, but I learned quickly. “Left 4 Dead” was my poison, and I literally did nothing but play that game for months. Playing online was addicting, and before long was I chatting and playing with other gamers who were known to be pretty amazing. I was the “cool” chick who actually played well.

Finally, I decided to try out some other zombie-killing games and came across a couple that were okay such as “DeadRising”. But nothing could compare to MY game.

Aaaannnnd then “Dead Island” was released and I was obsessed all over again. “Left 4 Dead” is a first-person shooter where you are able to roam freely in each level you are on. However, you basically have one objective: To survive and get to the safe room (I have no problem with this, I still love it).

In “Dead Island”, you are allowed the roam the pretty large maps and participate in several missions at a time, giving you an abundance of objectives to complete.

“Dead Island” and “Dead Island Riptide” are out and available for purchase. I suggest you guys check it out if you love killing zombies. And you are going to need to catch up for the release of “Dead Island 2” next year.

I did a little research and found an interview with some of the creators of the game.

Click here to get a sneak peek of gameplay and what the new “Dead Island” will be about. They actually show and go into some details about the new weapons and mods they have added.

There is no exact release date for the game, only that it will be out somewhere around spring time next 2015. In the meantime, enjoy this seriously cool game trailer! Really, I think it’s one of the best game trailers I have ever seen.


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