Need A Cheap and Quick Halloween Costume??

Halloween is just a few days away!

We all know life gets in the way sometimes and you find yourself running out of time. Or maybe you are just a procrastinator. Whatever the case, if you still haven’t found a Halloween costume, our favorite website Buzzfeed has found 51 Cheap and Easy Last-Minute Halloween costumes for you.

Just click this link 51 Cheap and East Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and scroll away! There is a great variety for both children and adults.

My personal favorite is Wilson from Home Improvement. Remember that guy??

wilsonThis one wasn’t on the list…I found it on Google images and thought it was pretty funny for a couple’s costume:

boob costume

So there you go! Have fun picking one out and don’t forget to send me a photo for Grace’s Virtual Costume Contest!

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