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New Year, New Release!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s hard to believe that we have just started a whole new year, but I’m excited. Excited to be alive and extremely excited about my new release, SoulCatcher!

If you all have been following my writing journey, then you’d know that I was supposed to finish this story two years ago in 2018. But then life through me a curve ball and I spent the later half of the year physically recovering from an illness. The following year was still a struggle, as it would seem that my mental health suffered a bit. But I pulled through and finally managed to finish the story and now…it’s ready for release!

This story is somewhat of a departure from our lovely little YA zombie girl, Gracie. Although the Turning series had its share of blood and guts, there was nothing very rated R about it. No explicit sexual situations, barely any cursing.

But SoulCatcher is a different kind of book. First of all, it isn’t YA. It’s a dark fantasy about an alcoholic who smokes too much and swears like a sailor. Her soul was sold to the devil, and now she must work as an Afterlife Sales Representative, conducting transactions for people who want to sell their souls. It’s definitely the most raw thing I’ve written in my life. And I’m damn proud of it.

Well, to be honest…I’m terrified. This is the first new piece of work I have published in a long time, and I am afraid to know what my readers will think!

Nevertheless, I’m thrilled to be continuing my writing journey and to be sharing this new book with you all. I hope you all enjoy it!



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