New Zombie Shows Coming in Fall!

Fall is coming!

There are a million things I love about fall. The cool, brisk air, the changing of the leaves, the indication that Halloween is right around the corner, and the relief of not feeling like I am going to burst into flames at any minute (if you live in the desert during the summer, you know exactly what I mean).

Perhaps one of my favorite things are the new television shows. Fall is known for season premiers of the shows we have waited patiently for to come back. For me, “Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals”, and “American Horror Story” are just a few shows that will grace their presence on my wonderful DVR. And don’t worry, “The Walking Dead” is first on the list. I can’t live without my weekly dose of Rick Grimes and some zombie action.

However, I’ve heard through the grapevine, and by Google, that there are a few series premiers that we may not want to miss. Okay, maybe just two that I’m interested in.

The first one is “Z Nation”, which is set to premier September 12th on the Syfy channel. This series is supposed to follow survivors 3 years after the zombie apocalypse occurred. So, a little different than TWD. Apparently there is one survivor whose blood could possibly create a vaccine for the virus. Speaking of the virus, who else is waiting to see how these zombie viruses started? Honestly, I have been waiting years for TWD to enlighten me on their take of how the virus began. Being that this new series is set 3 years after the apocalypse started…I doubt we will see it. Unless they use flashbacks.

Here’s the trailer:


The second series is “iZombie” set to premier in September on the CW. It is loosely based on the DC comic book series. I have never read it before, but from what I have learned through a little research, it’s about a medical student fresh into zombie-ism. She somehow controls her urges to eat brains and gets a job at a coroner’s office, which eventually turns into her helping to solve murders.

Hmm…this series is listed under the genres Crime, Horror, and Comedy-drama. I’m curious to see how they are going to play this out, considering my book focuses on a zombie who is living in the normal world as well. The thought of a zombie who is not aimlessly roaming the streets and killing everything in sight is interesting to me…hence the concept of my book. Some people may not agree. They feel like a zombie should remain a zombie; what they truly are, which are flesh-eating animals. But it’s nice to change things up a bit.

Unfortunately there is no premier date or a trailer for “iZombie”, but I will keep you posted.

Now that True Blood is over and we have to wait until October for “The Walking Dead”, let’s check out these premiers in September and see what they are about.

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