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Fight Live

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Zombie lovers!

For the past week, I have been busy writing the third installment of The Turning Series. Lots of brainstorming, thinking, character buildup, and all of the darkest thoughts my brain has to offer have been top priority over the past few days.

So I decided that in between, I should give myself a little downtime and show another author some of my attention. By the way, I have discovered that doing this is a great way to give your thoughts a rest as a writer. Reading other works of art could open the mind and offer up some awesome ideas of your own 🙂

In my search for a book to read, I came across The NOLA Zombie Series, a collection of 3 books by Gillian Zane titled Run, Fight, Live.

Truth be told, I am a writer of the zombie genre, however, I have only read about 2 books total related to zombies. Yeah, I know. That is pretty sad. But I’ve seen a million zombie movies, so that has to count for something! Right???

Anyway, if you are anything like me you enjoy a good horror/science fiction/fantasy novel. And you also enjoy a little bit of romance. Why not mix the two together?

Well, Gillian Zane holds nothing back in this series. Her raw sense of style was quite exhilarating. Romance is putting it nicely. Have you read a zombie erotica?

And that’s what was so appealing to me about Gillian Zane’s work. She’s a no-holding-back kind of gal. Her horrifying description of what a zombie apocalypse would be like mashed up with her very detailed and sometimes too naughty to read (okay, a little bit of a fib there) erotic storytelling had me wanting more.

In this series, we follow Alexis, the don’t-take-no-crap-from-nobody protagonist fighting her way through the beginning of a zombie outbreak. Along the way she meets a variety of great characters, with Blake and Zach being the two main male roles. Now, I hate spoilers. I don’t ever know when I am giving too much away, especially when it comes to reviewing another author’s work.

But I will say this, the first novel had me immediately diving into the second novel. The second novel had me yelling at myself to hurry up and finish so that I can move on to the third. And the third novel satisfied that need. It definitely gave me that zombie fix I needed. Although I wasn’t necessarily expecting the intense sexual content, it sort of turned out to be an added bonus.

On that note, I will say that one negative critique would be that some of this sexual content seemed to be a bit unrealistic in the sense that it happened quite often and sometimes in the most inopportune times in my opinions. But I guess it’s because I don’t normally read in that particular genre, so maybe I wasn’t used to it.

Nonetheless, if you are into that kind thing and enjoy an exciting zombie read, you should definitely download this series.

On a side note for all of my fellow Nola residents, this book takes place in New Orleans and Zane did a wonderful job of putting me right in my own backyard. Hats off to her for the wonderful environmental and location descriptions!

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