Opinions Needed! Unpublishing Woes

Okay Authors, let’s talk turkey.

Recently I decided to try my hand with other distribution options for book sales. First of all, I was dedicated to Amazon up until the beginning of December. I tried out their KDP Select and enjoyed it quite a bit. I did a bunch of promos, got some reviews, and actually sold a decent amount for this being my first novel.

After doing some research on marketing my book, every blog and piece of advice others had to offer was the same-make your book available on as many platforms as you can.

So I did. I signed up for Smashwords, did their whole Premium Catalog deal (which was a pain in my ass!), and checked off all the available distribution channels. Minus Barnes and Noble. I decided to do that on my own, as well as Google Play.

Results? Well, so far I have not sold a single book anywhere else, and my sales at Amazon have plummeted. I have advertised the other channels, but nothing seems to be working.

Now, it’s only been a few weeks. I may be jumping the gun here, but I am seriously considering unpublishing with Smashwords and the others and strictly sticking to KDP Select again. With Select, I was able to offer my book free for a few days, I had borrowers, and really I just felt like it was much easier to promote.

Unfortunately, I have heard that the unpublishing process with Smashwords is horrible. Hopefully since I haven’t sold a book anywhere, maybe it will be quicker to get my books off the market. Or maybe it won’t. Either way, I’m about 90% sure I want to go back to Select.

But before I do, I just want to know if any of you have been on the same boat. What was your experience with distributing your books to other channels?

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