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Frankie has led a mostly benign life—save for the genetic curse bestowed upon her family that snatched most of them away. It has threatened her until her older sister, Alex, found a loophole.

Fast forward three years later, Frankie is a dark and brooding chain smoker who spews too much profanity and loves a more than occasional vodka cocktail. It’s the only thing that seems to take the edge off having to show up at work every day as an Afterlife Sales Representative. Frankie and her sister are now Sealers, supernatural immortals who brand humans, guaranteeing them a spot in the Red Realm—A.K.A Hell—for all eternity in return for whatever the human desires. Fame and money and happiness are at anyone’s fingertips, but it comes with a price.

When Frankie meets Lake, a beautiful being from another realm, everything changes. Lake enlists her help to destroy the business of soul-selling and offers a way out of the devilish contract that binds her soul to Hell. But Frankie can’t seem to decide whether or not she wants to give up her current situation. While her freedom is limited under her bosses’ ruling, she has come to appreciate the art of loneliness and having the ability to drown her sorrows in a bottle of booze.

But when Alex’s soul becomes endangered, Frankie is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice—herself.

Can Frankie and her sister be saved?

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