The Air He Breathes Review!


I am by no means even close to a regular or professional book review blogger, but I like to write about the novels that I have recently read.

And I felt compelled to write a little short review about this particular book, The Air He Breathes, because it was just so good!

I was in the mood to read something romantic, minus the overly erotic guilty pleasure stuff. Plus, I’m kind of doing a little research for my next project 😉 I came across this book, which by the way, happened to have a beautiful cover of a beautiful man.

This romance is about a man who is distraught and angry about the loss of his family, his wife and child who past away in a car accident. He hates the world and wants to be left alone.

Then he meets a woman, who just recently lost her husband. She has a daughter and is also still dealing with the pain and sorrow of losing someone she loves.

You could probably predict what happens in this story without me giving away any more of it, but I must say it was wonderful.

The author, Brittainy Cherry, managed to really hit home for me on this one. Fortunately, my husband has not passed away, but reading about the emotional rollercoaster of love and loss these two characters experience got under my skin and I had no choice but to imagine being in their shoes.

From the moment I started the book I cried, thinking about if and when the day comes that my husband passes away. It even had me hoping that I didn’t leave him suddenly, worried that it would only destroy his humanity as it did the male protagonist, Tristan.

And I’m sure my husband thought I was crazy when I would wake him up in the middle of the night, after reading a few chapters, crying to him about how much I loved him and to never die!

Up until this book, I had never read a novel that has made me cry or become so emotional before. It was certainly not what I expected going into it. But on the bright side, the female protagonist’s best friend was extremely comical and definitely gave some light when the story got too dark.

So if you are in the mood to read a sad love story, then please read The Air He Breathes. There are some erotic moments for you readers who enjoy sexy things, but it’s not porno-worthy. I personally don’t enjoy it when it’s too graphic.

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