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The Turning Series is Complete!

Cue celebratory dance💃🏼

The Turning series—Turning Grace, Escaping Grace, and Finding Grace— has been revamped and released and is available for sale, both in paperback and eBook.

If you’ve just dropped in on my journey, let me recap:

I self-published this series back in 2014-2016 without the use of a professional editor or cover designer or anything. Not that I was being arrogant. It’s not like I didn’t think I needed one. Those things are expensive. Also, I hadn’t realized how important it would be to have them.

Flash forward a couple of years later, after having read tons and tons of indie author blogs and studying how other self-published authors have become successful and saving a little money, I ultimately decided that I’d once and for all do things the right way. So, I found an editor and cover designer and formatter, sat down and re-read, re-edited, then re-read the books again for the umpteenth time, and BOOM! The Turning series was reborn!

Grace’s story did not change a whole lot. Books two and three have the most significant changes, however, the plot pretty much remained the same. My amazing editor and I were able to enhance my words and kind of bring the book to life, correcting grammatical and mechanical errors along the way. And my cover designer and formatter rounded everything out, creating a book that looks like it could actually sit on a shelve in a bookstore.

These books were not awful before, but I always knew they could be better. And now, I can sleep at night knowing they are. I’m truly satisfied with how they turned out.

And since the series is complete, I am able to move on. Don’t get me wrong, Turning Grace is my book baby, and my love for zombies will always remain. But after all these years, I’m ready to share some new stories about other weird and supernatural shit!

So what’s up next? SoulCatcher. A story about a girl who works for the devil. And it’s being released really soon!

Thank you to all the Gracie fans out there who have followed her journey. And I hope that everyone enjoys my new upcoming release!



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