The Young Adult Genre and the Supernatural

Reading wasn’t something I got into really until I was a little bit older. When I did read as a teenager, I would read mostly mysteries and horror. One of my favorite books growing up was The Voice of the Night by Dean Koontz. It had The Good Son feel to it; psychological thrillers are quite entertaining.

Then Twilight came out, and boy was I obsessed. I actually read the first two of the trilogy before the whole world went crazy over it. That was when I discovered how much I loved young adult novels.

Even though I was in my 20s, there was something about escaping into a teenage, high school world that had me hooked. I enjoyed my high school years quite a bit; millions of friends, no responsibility, carefree. Throw in the supernatural and my life would have been perfect!

Speaking of supernatural, I come from a place (New Orleans) where people worshiped a voodoo queen and there are hundreds of buildings believed to be haunted by ghosts. It runs in my blood to…believe.

After Twilight, I got into the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. The thought of a Vampyre boarding school was awesome! It was definitely different than the-human-girl-meets-vampire-and-falls-in-love story.

Continuing on with my young adult streak, I began reading the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. This was a fun read about covens and witches. It was nice to step away from the vampire movement for a bit and dive into a world of spells and witchcraft. There are 15 books in the collection. I haven’t read them all, but it’s on my list.

Finally, I came across an author by the name of Jamie McGuire. The book was called Beautiful Disaster, which I will talk about in another post when I discuss the whole contemporary romance genre.

I fell in love with Jamie McGuire’s writing. I kind of felt like my style related to her style of writing. She doesn’t try too hard. She sticks to the young adult foundation and doesn’t make the main character seem as though she is older than she actually is in the story. For example, using words a young adult would use in reality rather than seeming as though she has been through 8 years of college and is a professor of big words with lots of meaning.

After Beautiful Disaster, I found the Providence Trilogy. I Was In Love! Completely enthralled and read all 3 books in about 3 days.

Combined with Jamie McGuire’s easy-to-relate-to style of writing and interesting plot, it immediately became my favorite young adult series. Romance and angels and demons…oh my! Not to mention, it was a refreshing change from the vampire era while staying true to the supernatural.

McGuire has since put out a slew of books: Walking Disaster, A Beautiful Wedding, Happenstance, Beautiful Oblivion, and another favorite of mine Red Hill (a zombie-related story).

If you are interested in young adult novels and haven’t read any of Jamie McGuire’s work, you should really check her out! Her work was very inspirational for me and my writing.

All of the other books and authors I have mentioned are great as well. But tell me, what are some of your favorite young adult, supernatural books and authors?

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