Thoughts on The Walking Dead?

Okay Walking Dead fans!

It’s the middle of the week…and the premier of The Walking Dead started this past Sunday. If you haven’t seen it, there might be some spoilers in this post, so don’t read on.


I was pretty satisfied with the episode. I am really happy and relieved that Terminus was short-lived. Honestly, what more could they have done there? Those people killed and ate humans. End of story. So I’m glad that they moved on from it quickly and didn’t revolve the whole season around the gang trying to escape.

Having the whole group together again, minus Beth (WHERE IS SHE?!?!), was nice. Finally! And the reunion of Daryl and Carol (that has a nice ring to it) kind of made me tear up. But I’m curious to know where the gang is headed next, as I’m sure everyone else is. I’m actually really hoping to hear more about the virus this season. Maybe just a little more insight on the rest of the world and how this all began and things like that.

The only negative critique I have to give was the scene where a walker is eating someone’s face during the Terminus commotion. It seemed very…hokey and just…fake. I was quite surprised that it even made it to final cut because normally they are pretty good about special effects. In Talking Dead, Greg Nicotero mentions that he was very proud of that scene. Well, it didn’t  do it for me.

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So, what did you guys think of it? Any predictions?

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