Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pic!

It’s Thursday already?!?!

Well, that just means we are one day closer to the weekend! And speaking of the weekend, if you are looking for a zombie movie to watch, check out the throwback zombie flick I picked for this week.

hAr2UOxThis movie was interesting. For those of you who have read my book, you know that we follow the main character, Grace, through a journey of her becoming what she really is. So when I saw this, it reminded me of my Grace in a way.

In the movie, you are able to see the virus slowly take over her. But I think the most intriguing concept was how she got ill. Makes you think twice about doing what she did! No glove, no love people!

What’s even cooler about this film is that it’s available on Netflix! Hope you enjoy!

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