Throwback Thursday Horror Flick Pick!

It’s Throwback Thursday, Folks!

This week, I am going to be a little cliche….but I don’t care because this movie still scares me half to death.

the shining

This 1980 film is one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen. From the twins to the blood rushing down the hallway, from the sexy/old lady in room 237 to the blast from the past in the ballroom…it will truly give you nightmares. And Jack Nicholson’s performance was one of my favorites; really sucking you into what he is seeing or feeling. Especially when he has a drink at the bar.

The movie was incredible but the book was better, if not maybe even scarier. If I ever had children, this would be a horror movie and book I would certainly introduce them to (when they were of an appropriate age of course).

I know The Shining is always mentioned as a cult classic or a horror movie favorite…but that’s because it really is. Horror at it’s finest! I’m sure almost everyone in America has seen this movie, but if you haven’t for whatever insane reason, please add it to your Halloween Night Horror Movie List if you have one. That’s actually not a request. Do it!

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