Throwback Thursday Horror Movie Flick Pick!

It’s the eve of Halloween…and my last horror movie flick pick of the month!

It takes a lot to scare me these days; horror movies, I mean. With the exception of Friday the 13th (I’m scarred for life on that one…don’t ask), a good ole’ fashioned scary movie is hard to come by.

But because it’s Halloween, and because I personally know a lot of people who are truly frightened by this knife-wielding monster, I’m going to go with……….

michael myers

Halloween is a classic. Michael Myers has become an American icon and is thought of any time anyone mentions the month of October or Halloween. And let’s face it, that bone-chilling theme song will, at some point, raise the little hairs on the back of your neck.

Now I know there are what seems like a million sequels to this series, along with remakes, but the very first Halloween film from 1978 was the best. No one was expecting some white-masked man who obsesses over his sister and pops up on every corner to be so terrifying. I mean, you look back one time, he’s a mile away. You make that mistake and look back again, he’s trailing right behind you. Personally, I think he could be any crazed serial killer in real life! Well, certainly the immortality trait that Michael Myers possesses is fictional.

So, I will be watching this movie at some point Halloween night. I suggest everyone does this, especially if for some strange reason you haven’t seen it. It’s a Halloween must!

Here’s some trivia!

I watched a special once about horror movie favorites and learned that Michael Myers was played by several people over the years; I believe 6 total. However, because of some miscommunication during filming and no one else being available at that moment, co-producer and co-writer Debra Hill, a woman, slipped on the unforgettable mask and was shot for the 1978 movie. It was the scene where we see Michael Myers standing in front of Lindsey Wallace’s house. Pretty cool, huh?

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