Throwback Thursday Horror Movie Flick Pick!

Okay guys we are going almost three decades back to 1987, when I was only three years old.

I didn’t see this movie then, of course. I was too young to understand just how scary this movie was.

So what is it?

creepshow 2For those of you who don’t know, Creepshow is a series of films that started out directed by George Romero and written by Stephan King. It was then made into an actual comic book, which is kind of cool.

Each film contains a number of short stories, using different characters and plots, but just as equally creepy and scary.

Creepshow 2 tells three stories, Old Chief Wooden Head, The Raft, and The Hitchhiker.

The first story, Old Chief Wooden Head, didn’t seem as scary as it was satisfying. It was one of those stories where the villain gets what they deserve.

The Raft was a bit disturbing to me…made me reconsider swimming in lakes for a while. Especially when there is a sign that says, No Swimming.

Okay, here is where this movie wrecked the rest of my life…forever! The Hitchhiker. This short story still and always will scare a little bit of pee out of me. It will always be in the back of my mind when I am driving home late at night. Alone. Here is a tiny synopsis: SPOILER!

Woman hits a hitchhiker by accident while driving. Thinks hitchhiker is dead, but soon finds out he is not. Hitchhiker terrorizes her.

I know what you are thinking, a 1987 film? How scary could it be?

Well, I won’t watch it alone.

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