Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

It’s Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick time!

This week, I am picking a movie that you all may or may not consider a zombie movie. I watched it recently and thought it might be a good little debate.

Now this flick isn’t super throwback, but can be considered throwback because well…it’s from the past. 😉
The Lazarus Effect

This 2015 horror thriller is about a group of medical students that figure out a way to bring back the dead. Only these “zombies” aren’t the slow-walking groaners that we normally see. Instead, they are more like witchy, devilish, undead freaks that move things with their minds and make you hallucinate.

Personally, this was probably my least favorite Olivia Wilde movie, and I found myself paying more attention to my phone than what was going on.

But check it out. You might actually like it. And as for whether or not this should be considered a zombie film…what are your thoughts? Technically zombies are reanimated dead folks, right? Do you have to be all bloody, moan loudly, and lack a heartbeat to be considered a zombie?

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