Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

Well what do you know? It’s Christmas Day, and it just so happens to be Throwback Thursday!

For those of you who watch A Christmas Story the whole 24 hours of Christmas Day (hmm…my sister!), good on you. However, there is only so much of “You’ll shoot your eye out!” I can take!

Some of my favorite holiday must-see movies to watch are The Family Man, Family Stone, and Jingle All the Way. All great movies, but sometimes we need to step back from the cheery, feel-good films and replace it with some gory, bloody madness!

So this week’s Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick is…

zombie night

Is this a good zombie movie?

Meh…certainly not in my top 10, but at least it’s got a zombie Santa!

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a great time with family and loved ones!

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