Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

When I was searching for a photo of this movie on Google images, there were a million movies with its same name. But I can promise you that the content of this flick is one-of-kind.

This week’s Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick is…


This 2014 Australian horror film is about a few people trying to survive a post apocalyptic world. I honestly don’t know how to describe this zombie film. As far as independent movies go, I will say that it was done well.

But it was lacking one thing…zombies!

I needed more 🙁  Waaaaaaayyyyy more.

I will say, however, that the lead actress, Tegan Crowley, was really great! Very believable.

Anyway, you can totally be the judge if you wanted because it’s available on Netflix!

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