Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

I asked my husband what today was, and when he said it was Thursday…I couldn’t believe how quickly this week flew by!

Well, Happy Throwback Thursday!

This week, we are going way back. Back to 1943. And the Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick is…

i walk with zombies

A trained nurse travels to the tropics an abused wife. At first, she believes her patient is comatose. However, she soon realizes by the natives’ strange behavior that there is something else wrong…and that her patient is really a zombie.

This is a decent black and white horror film to watch. Critics have called this film “intelligent” and “exceptional”. In addition, it was named the fifth best zombie film in Stylus Magazine.

Check out the clip!


Or if you wanna get really crazy, listen to the R.E.M. track titled…”I walked with a zombie” (I’m not sure if the song was inspired by the film, but it’s catchy 🙂 ).

If you have a Throwback zombie film that has not been posted in the gallery, let me know!

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