Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

Ooohhh do I have a special one for you guys today!

I’m proud to say that I have been doing my throwback zombie flick pick homework this past week (mainly because I am on a mini hiatus from writing). So during my research, I found 3, count them, THREE zombie movies for you guys to check out!

Why 3? Well, they all sort of go hand-in-hand. It started with me watching one, and then picking another that I found sort of related. The third one is a bonus.

Okay, Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick #1


“Pontypool”. I think this one did a pretty decent job of giving you intense and thrilling sensations. It takes place at a radio station and we follow only three main characters. The zombie outbreak breaks over the air, giving us a gradual escalation into the chaos that we do not actually see throughout the film. And that right there is why I dug this flick so much. You don’t see it. With the help of the radio announcer Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie), whose voice is so epic and should be the voice of all movie trailers, you are left to use your imagination (something we should do every now and then;) ).

I mean, zombies do appear at some points, but it isn’t like…say “World War Z” with walkers coming out of your ass! I LOVE blood and gore, but it’s nice to step away from the obvious sometimes.

I won’t go into exactly what happens in this movie because you can read that on Wikipedia….or watch it. But, this may be a SPOILER ALERT, the most awesome part of this whole movie is how the infected becomes infected. Can I get any guesses?




Yes people. You can become a zombie if you hear certain words. Now that, my friends, is out of the ordinary for a zombie flick. And I loved it.

If you do watch the movie, please promise me that you will research it after. Get on Google and type in “Pontypool Explained”. You will find a million different takes and theories on what this film is truly about, and it ain’t zombies.

Okay, ready for the next Throwback Zombie Flick Pick?

Dead before dawn

I watched this movie right after “Pontypool”. It was certainly not as dark and serious. It was funny at times, maybe even a little slapstick. But I am including this one with “Pontypool”  because the whole getting infected concepts are similar. What comes to mind when you think of sound?


Yup. You can become a “Zemon” by a look…just a simple glance into the host’s eyes. Can you imagine? What if sickness was contracted that way? I’d probably either wear sunglasses all day or scoop my own eyeballs out with a spoon and replace them with glass ones.

Finally, my last Throwback Zombie Flick Pick is…

A little bit zombie

Any zombie movie that follows the main character through their transition into zombie-ism is interesting to me. My goal when writing “Turning Grace” was to give the readers a raw and real incite into what happens when you are turning. This film does that…in a really gross kind of way. I added this bonus throwback because if you watch “Pontypool” and really like Stephen McHattie and his delightfully raspy voice, you can find him in this one.

So there you go Zombie Lovers, three movies you can check out this weekend if you have some down time. And guess what? They are all on Netflix!

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