Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick!

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Since this week I shook things up a bit by posting a video instead of a pic for Turning Tuesday, I decided to do the same for the Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Pick.

And the Zombie Flick Pick is…

Let me begin by first declaring my love for Spongebob Squarepants. I love him…so much. I have always loved cartoons. As a kid, I think I watched every episode of Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry and all of those classics. Animation has always been fascinating to me; the amount of creativity it takes to make it is just awesome.

But Spongebob is by far my favorite. It’s a show that was made for kids, but has just enough adult humor to keep a grown-up interested.

Now, there are a couple of episodes that portray the underwater residents of Bikini Bottom as Zombies, but this particular one was hilarious!

Sigh…I know. I’m a big kid.

Hope you enjoyed!

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