Top 10 Videos You Gotta Watch!

Happy Saturday!

The other day I was browsing YouTube. You know, what normal people do when they are bored? Anyway, I came across a Top 10 list of the scariest horror movies.

The video was cool and showed clips of different horror movies (all movies that I agree deserve to be on a Top 10 list) along with a narrator to give you a little insight on why they are Top 10.

After watching the 13 minute video, I discovered that it was just one of the many videos posted by, the producer of “original video programming on the People, Places, and Trends that viewers are passionate about”.

Their website is packed with all kinds of cool stuff like trivia, and is sorted by categories that offer tons of info on fashion and beauty, business and tech, auto, history, and more.

However, it seems what makes this website most popular are their millions of Top 10 videos. Viewers are able to make video suggestions on what they would want the next Top 10 the be.

I watched a bunch of them the other night and was enjoying every bit of it. And they were super interesting! A lot were based on films, but some were based on history and real life events. Here are some that I watched:

T0p 10 Actors Who Almost Died

Top 10 Funny Banned Commercials

Top 10 Enigmatic People in History

But what really caught my eye were all the horror movie-related Top 10s! Top 10 Worst Horror Movie Remakes, Top 10 Actors Who Appeared in Horror Movies Before Fame, and many, many more.

So if you have the free time, I insist you check out the channel on YouTube.

This was my favorite one:

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