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Turning Grace

Book #1 of The Turning Series

Grace is an average teenage girl with an average teenage life—quirky best friend, good grades, a crush on the popular jock at school—who has recently noticed some not-so-average changes. She wakes up in the morning with bags under her eyes, lifeless hair, and a hunger like she’s never had before.

Her mother—former doctor and current personal chef to Gracie—insists that these changes are hormonal. But Grace is growing skeptical of her mom’s knowledge on the matter, especially after Grace willingly dines on Fluffy, the very delicious four-legged neighborhood feline.

When her mom introduces Grace to Dr. Walker, he promises to help her curb her sudden craving for living things…in another country. Grace can’t leave her life behind, not when her long-time crush, Tristen, is finally showing some interest.

But when a couple of serious crimes are committed—assault and murder—Grace must decide whether or not to run away. It may be the only way to protect the people she cares about…from herself.

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