Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day! Before and After Edition!

Good evening, everyone!

This Turning Tuesday is a fun one. I found some photos via Google images of before the “turn” and after the “turn”. I’m not sure if these are amateur or not, but one in particular is definitely professional.

So, here they are…

How cool is it to see before and afters? It gives us a little bit of a preview of all the gross things our bodies would do if we became zombies!

Now, I’m sure you all remember the half zombie in the park in the first episode of The Walking Dead. You might have even seen this before and after photo by now. But I just had to post it because it’s so awesome! Who knew the woman underneath all that dead flesh was actually cute!

via Google images

via Google images

Do you have any before and after turning pics? Send them this way!

Turning Tuesday Submission

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