Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!!

Or should I say… brains, brains, brains!!!!

It’s the week of Christmas and of course, I’ve got a special Turning Tuesday Pic for you guys.

I found some really cool photos online of all kinds of Christmas-themed zombies, but this one was my fave!

via Google images

via Google images

Can you imagine this guy coming down your chimney??

This Santa doesn’t look like he wants milk and cookies. And I take it his belly doesn’t shake like a bowl full of jelly either! He seems pretty emaciated. He’s on a zombie diet! Hahaha! I’m on a roll!

Anyway, hope you all enjoy! Just don’t show your kids this pic. Zombie Santa is pretty scary.

If you wanna share some Christmas zombies, please submit!

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