Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day! Naked Zombie!

It’s Turning Tuesday!

Pic of the Day…

via Google images

via Google images

Now this is commitment! In an interview with Scott Gimple, co-producer and writer of The Walking Dead, someone asked why we never see naked zombies. Of course his response was that AMC would never allow that, and that he understands at some point there would be a naked zombie in real life. They just can’t put that in the show.

And it’s true. Maybe your clothes were torn off or you were showering when you became a zombie. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall seeing a naked zombie in zombie films either.

Anyway, this zombie wannabe looks great. I love the exposed rib cage, seeming as though she is just wasting away. I don’t believe that she is truly naked, but you never know.

Can anyone think of a zombie movie where we see naked zombies?

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