Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day!

Happy Turning Tuesday!

It’s been a long while since I have posted a Turning Tuesday pic.

And it couldn’t have been a better day to bring it back because today is the day we finally get our new flooring! I am thanking the Gods for being able to return to a normal bed rather than sleeping on a mattress on the floor!

In honor of the construction going on in my house as I type (they can bang hammers all they like…I’m getting floors!), this Turning Tuesday Pic of the Week is all about Laborers!

via Google images

via Google images

This construction guy looks mean! I’m digging the purple hue and coagulated wounds on his face. I feel like his face might be squishy. Don’t you?

But what I really love are the maggots in his beard! This man “turned” a long while ago for sure.

I wonder what kind of work he was doing…laying down hardwood floors, building a house, jackhammering some concrete.

Bahaha! A zombie on a jackhammer.

Do you have any “turning” pics of yourself, pets, someone you know, or even one you found online? Send it on in to be featured as next week’s Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day!

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