Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day!

Happy Turning Tuesday, all!

So, there are lots of things going on in my personal life. We just sold our home, I bought my last plane ticket home, the hubby and I began our search for a new home in Nola, and of course, the release of Escaping Grace!

But there is one thing going on that I could do without…

A massive and horrible toothache!

Toothaches are the worst; quite possibly worse than maybe even being stabbed! I think this baby might be getting pulled.

As I was making my appointment to see a dentist, zombie teeth came to mind.

A zombie’s body is probably decomposing at a faster rate than normal humans. Their organs and flesh are deteriorating, along with their teeth. Not to mention, oral hygiene may be the last thing on a zombie’s mind. So, decaying teeth are inevitable.

Now, without further adieu….

The Turning Tuesday Pic of the Day is…

via Google images

via Google images

Black and yellow and gross! I wonder if a zombie would feel the pain of rotting teeth. Hmm….

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